Starting A Blog

Here’s the thing, I am jumping into this whole blog thing without having the slightest idea as to what I’m doing! Now that I have established that little morsel lets continue… the way I see it I’m a more aged person than the computer and therefor I was not born with the knowledge of a 5th graders insight into gaming, programing and building a world out of virtual Lego’s. What I do still possess is the childlike notion that I can do anything and the computer is just a big ole game and nobody really knows the rules, we just make them up as we trudge along. Life at it’s basics but, exposed to the whole world. I can do that! 

I took a test on Facebook that confirmed I was a Warrior; ” You were a warrior in your past life! Your memories reveal a strength and fighting spirit that few can match. You’re strong, determined, dedicated, and willing to sacrifice for what you believe in. Your past life was very difficult and full of struggle, but you were incredibly courageous and achieved a great deal. There’s a fire within you that will take you far in life. You may have had some rough patches already in this life, but rely on your inner warrior because nothing can stop you!”

So I took the test again because I really do feel it is true! 2 days later I’m still a Warrior! I like it, warrior feels right. So you see? I can do anything, even start a Blog. I’m not sure how to get to my Blog, although I am positive it is somewhere!

I posted an About Me Page, don’t know how to get back to that either but, it’s on my Facebook!


Self Reliance

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