My Mission Statement

“To spark the memory of those special moments in time of carefree fun and relaxation – living by the Golden Rule.”


Joy is in the Cards

I took another psychic test on facebook today, I do believe in these test. I don’t know who came up with them but, they seem to get me.

Your subconscious is hiding a profound joy! The Tarot reveal that at your core you’re incredibly happy and optimistic! You may have had some challenges or difficult circumstances that have gotten you a bit down, but it’s time to reconnect to your true, joyful nature because it’s shining through! The stars are aligned in your favor and ready to bring you lots of happiness and laughter. Are you ready? Be open, never hesitate to smile and reveal your blissful inner happiness! The world definitely needs more joy; we’re so lucky that we have you to give us some!

I thought I could, so I did

Building a business normally takes about 5 years, so I set out with a plan to build a Shop on Etsy. My success, I have known to be true, deep in my soul. I jumped into building a Shop on Etsy 4 years ago and haven’t looked back. Everyone doubted that I could make a success (aka; living) selling art and antiques online. I had very little to start with, wasn’t proficient in typing and new very little about computers. I was severely depressed trying to get my medication dosage right so I could get my emotions under control. I worked 12 to 16 hours a day on my shop, mostly learning as I went, I wasn’t afraid to try new things, ask for help from my teammates on Etsy and put any money I earned back into the business.

I still type with one hand while looking at the keyboard and I’m still working on getting my shop to the point of making a paycheck but, I’m still here working and learning everyday. I’m so close to my vision of success I can almost see, feel and smell the Ocean air. January 2016 starts my 5th year, I just know it’s going to be fun and interesting!

There is an essay written by Ralph Waldo Emerson called “Self-Reliance”

When I started this Blog journey, self-reliance had been whispering in my head for about a week, like a song that just keeps playing over and over. Not being able to ignore it, I am exploring it. The funny thing is I’ve never read Ralph’s essay! It is now on the back burner of things I must do. I did read some of the information on Google that showed up when I Googled self-reliance,  which is how a I came across the fact that  Ralph and I think similarly about the subject. Of course Ralph wrote about individualism and taking responsibility for yourself in 1841, one hundred-seventy-four years later I’m doing a blog on that premise, because I can’t get it out of my head!  

In thinking about self-reliance, at first I thought I was feeling sorry for myself. Starting another business in the face of adversity, without support from my friends or family, feeling quite alone in my Etsy journey. I realized that I could carry on by myself, my own self-reliance! As much as I have decided on my own to pursue this course, it is not without help and support from those individuals around me. I have been so focused on learning as I go that I have forgotten all the people that have helped me to get to this point. So, I don’t know what Ralph’s take on the subject is but, I am thinking there really is no self-reliance without a lot of help from your higher power, the spirits, the people you surround yourself with and that little voice in your head.

Self Reliance

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