About me

I grew up in my parents Polynesian restaurant in the 1960’s, called The Kahiki Supper Club, in Columbus, Ohio. Sadly it was torn down in 2000 to make way for a Walgreen’s. I fell in love with everything Tropical. I spent half my life in the South and was a Bartender by trade, you can take the girl out of the Restaurant but, you can’t take the Restaurant out of the girl!
Now at 50+, I’ve become an Artist and Antique Dealer! My shop is http://www.etsy.com/shop/umeone an eclectic mix of antiques and vintage Treasures, some of which have been repurposed into functional one of a kind pieces of Art. Useful and decorative items that have both form and function for your space. I gravitate towards things that have been made to last, which I consider an art-form in itself. I prefer to spend my money on items that I know will serve me well for years to come. Not only do vintage items have quality but also a historic character that tells a story.
Kinda like me!


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