Polishing Silver Can Be Fun


I had no idea that polishing heavily tarnished Silver could be cleaned in such a fun easy way. I came across a youtube video on the “How Too” way to clean Silver, I didn’t save the link but, oh so cool and easy.

First you will need;

A pan to boil water and big enough to submerge your Silver piece.  Hot Pads to handle the pot of boiling water and one to protect your surface if needed, I used a box. A box of Baking Soda, a container of Salt, aluminium foil in the shape of your pan, tongs to remove your piece from the hot water and towel to set your piece on after the science.IMG_2458

I did this outside in 20-degree weather on my covered front porch. You need a well-ventilated area, the fumes are strong and your chemical reaction could bubble over.

Bring your pot of water to a heavy boil. Move your pan to your prepped area. Put your silver on top of the foil and put it in the pan of boiling water. Sprinkle an even coat of salt on top of the water, I used about a 1/4 cup, then sprinkle a little more than the salt of baking soda. It will bubble and release gases as it removes your tarnish. I let it in the water solution for about 5 minutes. Then used the tongs to remove the Silver vase to the towel to cool.IMG_2462

I was very impressed with the results. Then take your silver to the sink and rinse. Use a soft cloth to dry your piece, so you don’t scratch the silver. I wanted it a little cleaner so I polished my Bud Vase with some silver cleaner and rinsed again. Beautiful! Who knew Science could be so helpful and fun and practical?IMG_2471



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