Vintage Garden Coat Rack

I was just perusing my favorite Etsy Shops one morning and came across two vintage brass hose nozzles at NeatoKeen’s Shop; well my head said “oh, those would make fabulous coat hooks” so Cindy sent them to me and I got to work figuring out how to mount these beauties to an Oak table leaf I rescued from a garage sale. Now, I like things in odd numbers so I hit eBay to see if I could find another vintage brass nozzle. Strange as it may seem I found the middle vintage brass nozzle connected to the vintage brass faucet — “ding, ding, ding”! I can screw the whole thing to my board! Hunting for two more vintage brass water faucets proved to be a bit more costly but, hey, in the name of Art I had to have them all! While rummaging through my favorite Thrift store, I found a popcorn tin with vintage seed packs inside. Wahoo, I love it when a project comes together! So once I got all my components together I just put them in place.IMG_0260

I love the way it came out, nothing like bringing the outdoors in!

Only 70 more days till Spring!

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