Artist Lionel Barrymore

I am attracted to so many different venues of art, at times, it is just a really good feeling I get when I spot something that I usually know either nothing about or just enough to peak my interest. This was the case today as I was perusing my local haunts for those special treasures that I can put in my Shop for sale and enjoy them while they are in my possession. Today’s discovery was of 4 Foil Prints of a nautical theme with sailboats and charming Harbour scenes. Upon further inspection, the were curiously signed Lionel Barrymore. For those of you that don’t know the history of Lionel Barrymore he was a magnificent actor as was and still is (Drew Barrymore) his family. These days Lionel is best known for his role as the Banker, Mr. Potter in the traditional Christmas Movie “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Lionel also played Scrooge. I think that his real passion was drawing and painting, although his fame and fortune came from following his families business of acting. Just maybe this torment was his inspiration for playing the villainous roles he is still remembered for. Oh and “Key Largo” with Humprey Bogart, love that movie.

After I purchase something I try to do research on the object to pass along the story of the piece. I feel fabulous when I can educate and maybe even entertain my guest that stop by my shop with the back story of an interesting object. So I was disappointed I wasn’t finding anything on the art of Lionel Barrymore until I found this article

So, I just wanted to thank Helaine Fendelman and Joe Rosson for their tenacity in tracking down the information they have provided on these mysterious Lionel Barrymore foil prints. I came across four of the silver-colored foil prints and I must admit I am a big fan. I lived in South Carolina for a time and the Point Pleasant print took me back home. I can only imagine the places he visited in his travels. I feel fortunate to have stumbled across a beautiful glimpse of the past and of one man’s passion for art.

I hope to be adding these Prints to my Shop after I find frames and enjoy them for a bit.

Merry Christmas! Be sure to look for Mr. Potter in “It’s a Wonderful Life” Thank you, Lionel Barrymore, for sharing all your artistic talents.


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