Black Friday On Etsy

Recently USA Today published an interview with the CEO of Etsy, Chad Dickerson. It is called Etsy CEO: We aim to fight ‘consumer fatigue’

My answer to his interview;

Besides the Handmade and Manufactured Sellers on Etsy. There is another branch of talented hard working recyclers that comprise Etsy, the Vintage Sellers. I’m not sure of the exact amount of stuff that Vintage Sellers save from the landfill every year but, I am sure we would be amazed and impressed. Vintage Sellers go to great lengths to bring unique items to the world at large. The United States is a youth compared to the rest of the world, our Country was comprised of some of the Europes most talented and innovative immigrants. People who had a vision and the gumption to travel across the seas to an unsettled land where they used their talents to produce some of the finest items in the world. These are the items we as Vintage Sellers strive to save and repurpose. Falling into the very description of Etsy’s core values, unique one of a kind items that you can’t find anywhere else. it might just behove Mr. Dickerson to embrace the Vintage side of Etsy.


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