Oh Poop!

It has been one crazy month around here. Craig (hubby) had a heart attack on the 17th of October, right after the last play of the Michigan vs Michigan State football game. If you don’t follow college football, in the last 10 seconds Michigan was winning the game, all they had to do was punt the ball, well a fumble of the ball leads to Michigan State taking the ball in for a touchdown and winning the game! The crowd goes crazy, Michigan is in shock and Craig has a heart attack. 3 stints in his arteries later we are back home waiting for my surgery 10 days later for a tumor on my neck, cut throat, take out the tumor, which thank the good Lord was benign and we are back home counting our blessings. Fast forward two weeks and Craig can’t breathe, so back to the hospital for another heart cath, all is well there but, now he has to wear a heart monitor for the next month to try and figure out what the problem is.

Which brings us to today, Tiki and I go to the park every morning for a walk with our friends and Tiki dogs morning constitution. Apparently with all the drama in my precious pooches existence she found it necessary to roll in pooh. Then thought she could avoid the whole bath extravaganza by trying out her linebacker moves on me, as I missed the 60 pounds of poopie pooch for the second time, I started to feel my blood begin to boil. Now a quest to get her in the bathroom I took her poopie covered collar outside and rinsed it off with the hose, nicely wet and cold I slipped it around  her neck and she gave in, wisely deciding to follow my lead to the dreaded bathtub.

Good grief I know she does not understand all that is involved with the aftermath of her bubbles and massage. I have to wash everything, laundry, disinfect the bathtub, mop the floor and wipe down the walls.

So in my grumblings I finally sit down to work, on my desk is a small piece of paper from a fortune cookie I had months ago…Suppressing a moment of anger may save a day of sorrow. Huh, just what I needed at that moment, thank you, God you are great!2013-10-21 07.10.04 Tiki I still love you, silly girl!


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